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Make cities livable

Map of Pontevedra

Did you know that Pontevedra in Spain just designed a helpful map of typical walking times & distances in the beautifull walkable and car-free Spanish city at the westcoast of Spain. Hopefully more cities will issue this kind of maps.

december 12, 2020 0

Phoenix gets a 170 million start-up betting on a more walkable future

In the New York Times I found this article The Capital of Sprawl Gets a Radically Car-Free Neighborhood. It’s about a $ 170 million start-up near Phoenix, perhaps the most auto-addicted city in America, that is betting on a more walkable future.

december 12, 2020 0

More walkable Eindhoven

During the last Dutch Design Week in 2019 I was impressed by how the Vestdijk street in Eindhoven changed from a car street into a walking and #biking street full of trees and colurful plants? They people call it a “street”park nowadays. It’s very inspiring how Eindhoven, together with the Rotterdam based wUrck architecture urban…
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december 9, 2020 0