More walkable Eindhoven

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More walkable Eindhoven

december 9, 2020 Uncategorized 0

During the last Dutch Design Week in 2019 I was impressed by how the Vestdijk street in Eindhoven changed from a car street into a walking and #biking street full of trees and colurful plants? They people call it a “street”park nowadays.

It’s very inspiring how Eindhoven, together with the Rotterdam based wUrck architecture urban landscape, transformed a gray city street into a green, lively living room. The greening makes the city more #climate-proof and #nature-inclusive. And just as important, the greening ensures that people are tempted to take this route by bike and to go for a walk here. People meet. Social cohesion is strengthened.

Hopefully this intervention, to make the city greener, safer, more accessible and socially stronger, will inspire many cities!